Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3rd, 1847 in Edinburgh Scotland to Eliza and Alexander Melville Bell. Alexander’s parents emphasized traditional, though it was a challenge keeping him focused on his studies. He was constantly preoccupied with attending speech and sound conventions as well as his own experiments and research.

He became his Father’s Teaching Assistant working with the hearing impaired. In 1871 he taught at Boston at Sarah Fuller’s School for the Deaf. Alex also taught at The Boston University and even opened his own school of Vocal Physiology in Boston.

In 1877 he married Mabel Hubbard, one of his pupils. Together they had four children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Both sons died shortly after birth. Bell died in 1922 in Beinn Bhreah Nova Scotia in his home, at the age of 75. He left behind a legacy of technology, family, vision and persistence.

Alexander Graham Bell
The telephone is actually an upgrade of the electric telegraph invented by Samuel F. Morse.
The telegraph is a device that electrically transmits communi-

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Did you know?

Alexander was not given a middle name at birth. He chose the name “Graham” at the age of 11 after an admired student of his father’s named Alexander Graham.