The telephone is actually an upgrade of the electric telegraph invented by Samuel F. Morse. The telegraph is a device that electrically transmits communication through sound signals we know as Morse code. Alexander’s original goal was to build a multiple telegraph as per his financial backer and Father in law Gardiner Hubbard. Though, Alexander had a better idea. His lifelong fascination and study of sound properties led him down a visionary path of new possibilities for the telephone.

In 1872 Alex began working on the multiple telegraph. By 1874 Bell invented an improved version of the photoautotroph, a device that could transcribe sound. Alexander conducted a myriad of electrical experiments to realize his vision of harnessing and transmitting sound. Though Alex had limited knowledge in electronics. In 1874 Alex met Thomas Watson, a mechanic with electrical expertise. Watson and Bell paired up and by 1876 Alex uttered his famous “Watson, come here. I want to see you.” Over the first perfected model of the telephone.


Did you know?

Alexander’s first words on the first telephone were “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Bell had knocked over a flask of acid and his call for help went down in history.