What is Pop?

Pop Art has been described as “the epitome of cool.” This movement in modern art took its imagery from the glossy world of advertising and from popular culture such as comic strips, films, and television. It developed in the 1950s and flourished in the 1960s, notably in Britain and the USA.

The aesthetic of Pop Art is based on mass reproduction and is often achieved with the use of detached illustrations of common objects, advertisements and media-derived imagery. Commercial and mechanical processes such as photography and silk-screening are used to obtain a flat rendering eliminating subjective emotion. The end result is often a wonderfully depressing ironic take on American mass culture.

Pop is Now

This movement triggered a powerful and indefinite impact on American art and culture. Although the Pop Art era has officially run it’s course, the influences and aesthetic nuances read more...


Photo of Andy WarholIf Pop Art were a royal dynasty, Andy Warhol would be the King. He is most popular name and dominant figure associated with the American Pop Art movement. Born in 1928 in Pittsburgh,


Photo of Roy LitchensteinLitchenstein was born in 1923 in New York. He studied art in high school and college, served in the read more...

The Twenty-Five Marilyns, 1962. Andy Warhol.

The Twenty-Five Marilyns, 1962. Andy Warhol.
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