Pop is Perspective

Pop Art wasn’t about experiencing art on a personal level in the tradition of Abstract Expressionist predecessors. It was about experiencing art and life on a cultural and collective level. It was simultaneously untraditional and traditionally common.

It challenged, revealed and exposed the truth and irony of American culture, the glory and greed of capitalism and the absence of individualism. It celebrated both the glamour and despair of mass commercialism.

Pop Art made the mundane cool and inspired a generation of untraditional artists and thinkers. These artists were also philosophers and provoked alternate mainstream ideas, lifestyles and world-perspectives.

Pop Conceptions

Pop Art redefined and changed the trajectory of Art in America. Up until the arrival of Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism set the strict and exclusive standards for what was acceptable


Photo of Andy WarholIf Pop Art were a royal dynasty, Andy Warhol would be the King. He is most popular name and dominant figure associated with the American Pop Art movement. Born in 1928 in Pittsburgh,


Photo of Andy WarholClaes Oldenburg was born in 1929 in Stockholm. He grew up in Chicago and became an American citizen read more...

Roy Litchenstein's Girl with Ball

Girl With Ball, 1961. Roy Litchenstein.
Striped Bar